Digital geotechnical database and online reports
Recycle, Reuse and keep materials in circulation

GeoReports: Keeping existing data circulating

GeoReports is a trusted industry advisor who uses cutting edge geotechnical data searching and technology-driven reporting services to support their clients. GeoReports’ smart geospatial platform re-uses a database of licensed information to provide cost effectively identify project risks, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of early site assessments and pre-feasibility studies.

GeoReports is a multi award-winning geo-science engineering firm providing site-specific insights about ground conditions across Australia. They support their clients using cutting edge geotechnical data searching and technology-driven reporting services supported by investigation, design and construction capabililties.

The smart geospatial platform uses a growing database of licensed information to provide site knowledge including soil, rock and groundwater conditions and potential contamination risks. By providing low cost underground information, the platform lowers investigation costs, reduces risk/cost/delay due to unforeseen ground conditions and realises planning, design and construction savings.

GeoReports helps you 'Know your site'

GeoReports is a first-to-market digital engineering product in Australia which creates value by sharing and re-using high-value geo-environmental data. The business is aligned with the future digital economy, noting the broader benefits and value potential of shared/open data.  GeoReports has been the recipient of numerous awards and invitations, this provides confirmation of the forward thinking nature of the the business.

Cheap geotechnical reports supported by extensive database
Low cost geotechnical reports

GeoReports maintain a ever growing web-map database of geology maps, reports, boreholes and wells.  

GeoReports use their database to provide low cost reports that can inform your project risk profile.  GroundCheck Reports provide  essential risk screening reports providing subsurface ground conditions and project risk indicators quickly and at low cost.

GroundCheck Site Intelligence Reports help you identify geotechnical conditions and contamination risk factors anywhere in NSW.  They come in three cost tiers; Budget, Basic and Premium from as low as $99!

Within typically 24-48 hours, GroundCheck can inform you of site-specific risk profiles such as: terrain, geo-hazards, ground type, acid soils, contamination indicators, and flood risk. is excited to collaborate with GeoReports to bring you a cost effective and and sustainable understanding of the ground risks at your sit