helps create beautiful and sustainable gardens whilst supporting Australia’s Circular Economy.  We are growing our product range to include more eco-friendly and certified products.  Grass-Cel® is great for turning traffic areas into lawn quickly and easily, whilst avoiding damage from ruts, or bogging. You can also use the porous paving blocks for Pebble retention or create beautiful roof top gardens and vegetable patches. Grass-Cel® has been used by Australian residential and commercial clients for over 40 years to create beautiful turf driveways, access paths, and overflow parking.

We are building out a complimentary product range.  If you have a product you would like to discuss with us, please reach out.

Image of Grass-Cel as turf reinforcement, great for turf driveways

Grass-Cel® is a weight bearing porous paving block which acts as a root protection system for turf.  The walls of the cells support traffic, preventing soil compaction and minimising grass wear. The result is an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sensitive alternative to usual driveway and parking area treatments.

Grass-Cel® weight bearing porous paving blocks can be used to create beautiful pebble paths, driveways and parking areas.  We recommend the placement of a geo-textile layer below the blocks as part of the installation.

Made of 100% recycled High Density Poly-Ethylene, our blocks are the only porous turf paving block to be Certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).

Grass-Cel® blocks can be inverted to provide under-soil drainage for roof and balcony gardens, vegetable patches and lawns. Each block is made up of precisely arranged hexagonal cells which allows the blocks to be connected together to form a mat to suit your space.

Since it is weight bearing, Grass-Cel® can support the load of plant and equipment to backfill with soil. This significantly reduces project completion times when compared with other drainage cells which require overlying materials to be hand placed.

TREENET® Inlet is a proven passive irrigation system that harvests stormwater runoff. TREENET® inlets are designed for installation in existing or new kerb work and connect to an infiltration zone in the verge TREENET® inlet systems are cost-effective, sensitive to existing infrastructure and are a low maintenance option for councils and developers to implement. 100% Australian made from recycled wheelie bins.

System comprises of:
 – TREENET® Inlet
 – Infiltration Tank
 – Pipework/Inspection port
 – Optional: Inlet Formwork to help with the concreting of the kerb.

Low cost geotechnical reports

GeoReports is a trusted industry advisor who uses cutting edge geotechnical data searching and technology-driven reporting services to support their clients. GeoReports’ smart geospatial platform re-uses a database of licensed information to provide cost effectively identify project risks, whilst reducing the carbon footprint of early site assessments and pre-feasibility studies.

GeoReports use their database to provide low cost reports that can inform your project risk profile.  GroundCheck Reports provide  essential risk screening reports providing subsurface ground conditions and project risk indicators quickly and at low cost.

Circular economy

If you have a product that helps create beautiful and sustainable gardens, we would love to hear from you.  It might be made of recycled materials, be certified organic, assist with regeneration of native ecosystems or be a great digital tool with a focus on sustainability.  

If it is of interest to gardeners or landscape designers and supports the circular economy, we’d love to work together.  Let’s start a conversation.