permeable grassed overflow parking areas

Reinforced Grass Parking: Don’t get stuck in a rut!

Why would you want to park on your grass? Parking space is at a premium across a lot of Australian cities, and will only get worse with ongoing high-density infill development.  Reinforced grass parking areas are a great way to improve parking options.  You can create multi-use areas for temporary parking or provide parking on […]

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Circular economy

Grass-Cel®: Supporting the Circular Economy through design, reuse and recycling

What is the Circular Economy? Put simply, the concept stems from the idea that we should live within our means as a global community and focus on sustainable development to improve the quality of living for all.    According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, transitioning to a circular economy means the gradual decoupling of economic activity […]

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Fire access, heavy vehicle loads

Grass-Cel® Fire Access and Golf Buggy Paths

I was a young, enthusiastic, and fit student when I moved to Sydney for University.  Little did i know i was about to learn about international distribution channels and fire access paths in Singapore.  My grandparents were particularly interested in the enthusiastic and fit aspects.  They were manufacturing Grass-Cel® in Sydney already, and had established […]

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