Grass Driveways: An environmentally sustainable alternative.

Why would you want a Grass Driveway? Grass driveways can be a great way to create more space to play, make your yard cooler, and reduce storm water runoff. Ever since the first asphalt streets were laid in Sydney in the early 1930s, the use of concrete has become the default choice for high pedestrian […]

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permeable grassed overflow parking areas

Reinforced Grass Parking: Don’t get stuck in a rut!

Why would you want to park on your grass? Parking space is at a premium across a lot of Australian cities, and will only get worse with ongoing high-density infill development.  Reinforced grass parking areas are a great way to improve parking options.  You can create multi-use areas for temporary parking or provide parking on […]

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Circular economy

Grass-Cel®: Supporting the Circular Economy through design, reuse and recycling

What is the Circular Economy? Put simply, the concept stems from the idea that we should live within our means as a global community and focus on sustainable development to improve the quality of living for all.    According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, transitioning to a circular economy means the gradual decoupling of economic activity […]

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Fire access, heavy vehicle loads

Grass-Cel® Fire Access and Golf Buggy Paths

I was a young, enthusiastic, and fit student when I moved to Sydney for University.  Little did i know i was about to learn about international distribution channels and fire access paths in Singapore.  My grandparents were particularly interested in the enthusiastic and fit aspects.  They were manufacturing Grass-Cel® in Sydney already, and had established […]

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